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What's changing for you?

  • New app, more features: From 01.08.2022, only the myhood app and myhood web app will be available. Of course, everything will remain free as usual and available for both Android and iOS. The operator is myhood GmbH from Berlin, Germany (Imprint).

  • So that your Schrauber rank is not lost and you can still access your Schrauber profile and old posts, you can move your Schrauber.App profile to myhood for free. Just register for free at with the same email address (or Google account) and agree to the account transfer. For this to work, myhood matches your email address with the email address used in your Schrauber.App account during registration. For this purpose, we transfer the email address of your Schrauber profile to myhood. Your data is processed by us and myhood according to EU data protection laws and is of course secure. More about this and your rights in the myhood privacy policy and here again in ours. You can object to the transfer of your data for matching, if possible until 31.08.2022, a simple email to with your objection is sufficient. If we don't hear from you at all, we'll delete your personal data automatically each time, no later than 12/31/2022 (don't worry, we'll let you know before then, before it's all gone). Of course, we would miss you very much!

  • Important: The heart of Schrauber App, our forum, will be continued on myhood in a separate Schrauber.App section, where you will find all old posts (initially without username or profile link) also in the future. If you don't want any content of your published posts to be available on myhood in the future, you can simply delete them yourself in the Schrauber.App or afterwards on until August 1, 2022 or send us an email at any time to (or with your deletion request.

Your team from Schrauber.App and myhood